"If you think Education is expensive, wait until the bill for ignorance shows up..."

We provide reliable and affordable services for everyone. We offer courses and products to help you achieve your dreams.

What we do

We are a company that provide courses around home economics.

Our classes started mostly around basic finance but were slowly developing into short courses on essential everyday survival areas. If you are looking for a short course on how to invest in your first company 401k, we can help you. We could help you if you needed to see a short course on how to interview for your first job.

Empowering Students

We will always bring courses to empower our students.

Nurturing Students

We will always bring courses that build upon other courses.

Growing Students

We will bring course to our platform that grow our students.

Courses Coming Soon!

My First 401k

My first 401(k) is a course we designed to assist students and adults on how to set up their first 401(k)

My First Check

My first check was designed to teach first time workers how to read and understand their first pay check.

Basic Insurance 101

Basic Insurance is a course that was designed to teach you the fundamentals life insurance.  This course was designed from demand to understand life insurance fundamentals.

Investments 101

Investments 101 is a course that was designed to walk you through the basics of understanding investments like, Stocks, Bounds and Mutual Funds.

why we do it

We Simply Want People To Grow

What we learned over the last few years is that people were looking for a safe place to invest in life application education.

Featured Course Coming Soon!

A new course is coming to the platform for teens called "My First Car Purchase". This course will be for teens from ages 16-22 years of age.  Older young adults are encouraged to enroll as well.





Basic is for access to any free courses and mailing list of new upcoming courses. 




Pay per view was designed for those that want to take a course every now and then. This plan allows you access to free courses and the ability to purchase each course one at a time.




Annual plan which allows access to all classes and live hands on webinars. 

Success Stories

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Contact Information

Find us here: 9245 Laguna Springs Dr.
Suite 200
Elk Grove

Email:  info@thejoneseducation.com

Phone: 916 509-7034